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The Age-End Numbers


(Revised 13 Adar 2012-2013)


By an unworthy servant


(Notice to Readers and especially Christian theologians.  Please use what you can here—But with Credit to this website.  Please do not do as most Christian Preachers do by plagiarizing and stealing words and ideas from others.  The least you can do is to give credit when you take from others, to include taking from this website). 



If a prophet prophesies something and it doesn’t come true, the Word defines him as a false prophet.  There are many false prophets out in the world.  And many of them, like William Miller and his successors in the various Adventist sects, Jehovah Witnesses’ founder Charles Taze Russell and his successors, Herbert W. Armstrong and some of his successors, etc have all dared to declare themselves to be some sort of a prophet or at least have prophetic capabilities and have established dates for the age-end.  All of these so-called prophets, plus thousands of others, have failed over the years. 


Some of the would be prophets, in particular the Pentecostal/Holy Roller movement types, have learned that to establish exact dates for age-end events can make one a false prophet when the dates fail.  To avoid being labeled a false prophet, some of these Pentecostal prophets have learned a little trick that William Miller, Charles Russell, Herbert Armstrong and thousands of others never learned.  It is that would be prophets should not establish exact dates for things to happen; but rather prophesy things happening in an unspecified future date. 


This writer remembers a so-called Pentecostal prophet named Chuck Youngbrandt who prophesied in the 1970s about a coming earthquake in Chicago that would kill many and wreck havoc on the whole city (per his Mar 29, 1999 Staff and Sword newsletter).  But he made his prophecy as an open ended one as far as a date.  Thus, the first time Chicago has a damaging earthquake he can claim fulfillment of his prophecy.  And if Chicago does not have one, his prophecy is still valid and still can come true at some future date.  With these open ended dates, so-called prophets will never be wrong.  They can always say that their prophecy is still future.


One of the conclusions reached by many students of the Word is that no one can know the dates of age-end events as they were not given by the prophets.  And there is that statement by YESHUA at Matthew 24:36 to the effect that no one knows the exact day and hour of the fulfillment of the age-end prophecies in Matthew 24 but Ha AV (The FATHER) only in heaven.  Even the heavenly messengers don’t know.  Because of this text, many Christians have come to believe that no one can know anything about the dates; yet, that’s not what YESHUA said.  He said no one can know the exact day or hour; not the year or even the month. 


The thought eventually came to me that if Christendom’s interpretation was correct; it meant that no one can understand any of the dating of the age-end prophecies in the Word.  This would mean that they all are open-ended as far as dating.  Thus, YHWH can proclaim that the United States/Ephraim of the House of Israel will one day be attacked and destroyed nationally in the age-end.  But without a date, its fulfillment would always be an open question.  If it doesn’t happen in 5,000 years, The Word could not be proven wrong since it could still have fulfillment in 10,000 years.


The same reasoning applies to all of the age-end dates.  If The Word does not reveal the dates and if man cannot interpret them from the Word, the case can be made that any event in question is open ended as far as date.  Thus, the promise of the return of YESHUA to establish His Messianic kingdom could always be future if this fact cannot be decided by date.  If believers wait 5,000 or 10,000 years for it, the conclusion would always be that it would happen “someday.”


But in Matthew 24:42, YESHUA did command His followers to watch, though they don’t know the exact day or hour of His return.  Now, He didn’t say the exact year or month (which presumably could be or should be known if His followers are to “watch”).  In fact, in verse 42, He did not repeat the matter of not knowing the exact day.  The point being is that His followers must know the month and year and very possibly even the exact day when He will return.  What for certain that will not be known is the exact hour. 


This reasoning can also be applied to most or all of the other relevant age-end prophecies.  This means that in communicating His Word, The MOST HIGH has not presented us with a mass of unspecified events that could conceivably happen in the next 5,000; 10,000 or even 100,000 years.  He has presented prophecies of coming events which are precisely dated as far as year, month and perhaps even by exact days in many instances.  It is this precise dating arrangement which makes the Hebrew prophets authentic prophets.  So the dates are there and they must whet our appetites to know.  It just depends on study, knowledge and understanding. 


Like others, this writer has too worked for years in study and in contemplation trying to establish the age-end dating plan of YHWH.  I have been wrong in my conclusions on occasion and accordingly tried to often place them in the context of “possibilities.”  But I have learned one essential thing.  One cannot begin to address YHWH’s dating methods without understanding the chronology of Adam.  The Scriptures do not seem to define the age of the heavens, the sun, earth, of the creation of life, or of the age of generic non-Adamic man.  But the Word does precisely define the chronology of Adam. 


Once the chronology of Adam man is established, it is possible to do much in the way of establishing years, months and even days in some instances for future events.  But it takes much study and hard work to put together such a chronology.  And it is absurd to take the word of some supposed scholar on chronology and hang one’s hat on it.  While some of these persons knew some things about chronology and dating, I have found that they usually come to some bad conclusions.  The point is you must do your own study to know the historic chronology of Adam.


For such a need, this writer many years ago prepared a chronology of Adam.  It is in chapters 233-234 of volume 15 of Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment for the Good News People.  This work is not infallible.  It is the work of a limited man, which may or may not be correct.  Any student of truth interested in the Word must do his/her own study of chronology to be certain on it. 


In my work, I have relied heavily on the Jubilee years which come every 49 years.  But in interpreting Lev 25:8-55 on this theme, there are problems in defining which year is the 50th year.  Is it per the agriculture year or the regular Scriptural year.  Per my determination, there are two possibilities here.  First, the more traditional Jewish approach is that it is the 50th agricultural year (which is possible but now appears doubtful).  Alternatively, it could be the 49th Scriptural year which by inclusive counting is the 50th year from the last Jubilee (which must be kept on the table of possibilities and now appears more likely).


But in general, the work of this writer in Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment for the Good News People on chronology seems about right except for the Jubilee question.  Yet, even in this presentation, there was a point which could not be precisely settled.  There is a set off of 393 years from the division of the kingdom under Rehoboam till the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians (which the 2520 year set off to the period of 1966-1967 CE allows to have happened in 554 BCE--the Jubilee was probably 1967).  If you count the years in the Judean king lists, you count 393.  But this list is predicated on inclusive counted years.  Thus, the last counted year is Zedekiah’s eleventh which didn’t last a full year. 


Actually, Jerusalem fell on the 9-17 days of the fourth month in Zedekiah’s eleventh year.  This was early in the year.  So, should that 393 year count include Zedekiah’s eleventh and/or could there be an interregnum in there for one year?  In the vein of an interregnum, it would mean that the 393 years involved progressive counting (from 947 BCE to 554 BCE) instead of inclusive counting (from 946 BCE to 554BCE). 


In any case, the work herein on chronology does include an interregnum between Josiah’s year 31 and Jehoikim’s year one.  Jehoahaz ruled three months in there but evidently was not ruling when the next Aviv one occurred.  Interregnums occurred when the throne was vacant on an Aviv one start of the New Year.  By using an interregnum here, it allows the 40 year count for the witness of Jeremiah (Jer 25:3) and the 393 years allotted to Judah to both involve progressive counting.  Without the interregnum, both the 40 and 393-year counts would be inclusive and thus including the eleventh year of Zedekiah which only lasted until the fourth month of that year. 


There is one Scriptural reference which could allow that indeed the two counts should be by progressive counting to make the ultimate end of House of Israel nations come in 2014-2015 CE.  It is at Ezekiel 12:21-25 where YHWH tells the Israelites that their practice of claiming that the days go by without fulfillments of the age-end prophecies will now end (which fulfillment could happen in the summer of 2013 and allow the national drought and soon coming first embargo/siege the next winter).  As YHWH has it, all the age-end prophecies will now be fulfilled very rapidly.  The year 2013 could also be important because it is an intercalcary year as suggested in the prophecy of doom for Israel by Ezekiel as given in an intercalcary year (Ezek 1:1-8:1). 


Ezekiel is crucial to understanding the age-end at least as pertains to Israel.  It starts with Ezekiel opening in his thirtieth year (Ezek 1:1), which is dated at this website in Daniel’s 2520-Year Set offs and Ezekiel’s 7 Years in 2009 CE.  The next Ezekiel date is day five of the sixth month of year 31 (Ezek 8:1).  Sometime after day five of the sixth month, Ezek 12:21-25 occurs.  It is not clear how long after for fulfillment but perhaps reasonably soon.  The next date occurs in Ezek 20:1 with day 10 of the Fifth Month of year 32.  This allows that the final siege on the national House of Israel may start after day 10 of the Fifth Month and not before. 


Since the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians was the ante-type for the fall of the House of Israel (Ezek 4:3), it suggests that the final 390-day siege on Israel starts in the third/fourth month of a year to end on day 17 of the Fourth Month of the next year (this makes some/many/most of the Jewish fast days applicable to the House of Israel as well as Judah).  Since the final 390-day siege could not have started before the sixth month of Ezekiel’s year 31, Ezek 12 allows that it may start by or after Ezekiel’s 32d year.  Since we are now into Ezekiel’s 33d year in Adar 2012-2013 and it hasn’t started yet; it may be fast approaching.  This translates to perhaps the first embargo on the 10th day of Teveth in 2013 and the final siege in 2014-2015 CE. 


As explained in Daniel’s 2520-year Set-offs and Ezekiel’s 7 Years study at this web site, it is very possible that with the invasion and conquest of the House of Israel (at least Ephraim) in perhaps 2014-2015 CE, there could be pockets of resistance which holds out for some time and maybe even a year more before the conquerors really gain total control of the land area. 


There is too the matter of gathering up the people and placing them in containment areas for later disposition to slavery in payment of Israel’s debts.  All of this can take some time.  So possibly, the importance of 2014 CE may lie in the invasion and in 2015 CE the end of resistance and the actual deportation of the people into slavery in other countries of the world.  Alternatively, the better view now looks like the siege may start in 2014 and end in 2015 with the invasion and deportation of people that year. 


There is a check or bench mark on dating thru the Word with the Jubilees (which runs from Aviv of year 49 which can also be counted as the 50th and/or 1st year).  But either way, with inclusive or progressive counting for the kings, these check marks must be met.  Yet, the point must be made that either way, it is very easy to be off a year.  Because of the above reasoning from Ezekiel justifying a 393 year progressive count, the following comments on chronology will stay with the belief that the kingdom probably divided in 947 BCE and not 948 or 946 BCE as both are plausible. 


Regardless, in terms of dating age-end events, many of them are closely connected to Old Testament chronology (like the fall of the national House of Israel in c2013-2015 CE) while others do not seem to require this determination (like the return of YESHUA in the upcoming 2016 CE if it alone is the Jubilee, the acceptable year of YHWH as defined in Luke 4:19-21, which ties back to Isaiah 61:1-2 which just happens to be the Jubilee). 


Thus, if we can date the Jubilee, we should then have the year of the return of YESHUA.  Based on the Jubilee of 1966-1967 or one in 1967-1968 CE, the next one has to be 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 CE.  While some might not like the idea of the Jews gaining Jerusalem in the Jubilee, they can also take a look at the possible Jubilee of 1917-1918 CE.  A House of Israel British army took Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks in Dec 1917, another possible Jubilee period on the basis of the agricultural year being the Jubilee. At the present, this writer has concluded that the next Jubilee will probably be on on the basis of a regular Scriptural year--from 1 Aviv 2016 to 1 Aviv 2017. 


Some Verification of the Age-End from Dating Factors


As noted above, a general outline of chronology is at chapters 233-234 in volume 15 of Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment for the Good News People at the left menu of  The following comments are predicated on this outline of Scriptural chronology which has been prepared on the premise that the 393 year count of the divided kingdom days from Rehoboam in c947 BCE to the fall of Jerusalem in c554 BCE was by progressive counting.  Alternatively, the count could have been by inclusive counting from c946 BCE to c554 BCE.  But either way, 554 BCE seems reasonably firm.


947-946 BCE   The division of the Israelite kingdom under Rehoboam

765-764 BCE   House of Israel subdued Moab (later to be France); but this was the beginning of Assyria’s rise of power.

c736-735 BCE.   The start of the Assyrian conquests of the House of Israel. 

690-689 BCE   The fall of House of Israel/Ephraim/Samaria to the Assyrians

682-681 BCE   The fall of much of Yehudah also to the Assyrians (but not Yehudah in the Jerusalem area). 

554 BCE   The fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians

503-502 BCE   The end of the Babylonian kingdom and the fall of Babylon to the Medes/Persians


1574-1575 or 1575-1576 CE.  A Jubilee year.  The House of Israel settlement of North America and the Caribbean perhaps started about this date (first by French Huguenots FL/SC in 1562-1565, later by the Huguenots in the 1570s and with the English in NC in 1584).  Possibly the English planning or discussions on the settlement of North America started by 1575.  Queen Elizabeth granted a charter to Sir Humphrey Gilbert on June 11, 1578 to discover and colonize remote heathen and barbarous lands (which devolved to North America).  Both the Huguenots and English were of the Lost House of Israel expelled by the Assyrians in c740-682 CE.  Lost Israelites from Holland were soon to follow.  


1570s CE.  A number of famous English explorers made explorations to North America or the Caribbean in the 1570s—including Sir Francis Drake, Sir Martin Frobisher, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir William Winter.  Any one of these explorers could have played a pivotal role in 1575 to justify the importance of that Jubilee year.  As a minimum, the Jubilee year of 1575 can be possibly defined as the single most likely date for the beginnings of the settlement of North America and the Caribbean by the English, Huguenots and Dutch people of the lost House of Israel.  


May 15, 1607 CE saw the beginnings of the Virginia colony settlement. 


Jun 10, 1610 of the Julian calendar (Gregory calendar was cJun 20,1610; or day 28 of the 3d month per the Scriptures) saw the Jamestown colony abandoned.  The survivors boarded a ship and were in the process of leaving when the new Governor De La Warr arrived with new settlers and supplies.  The people leaving then returned with the new arrivals and Jamestown became a permanent English settlement.  Pentecost was around May 19 in 1610 (per the Julian calendar) and comes on or about May 19 in 2010 (per the Gregory calendar).  It is tempting to think that the Jamestown settlement was finalized a few days after Pentecost in 1610.  Since 40 years is a period of testing, 400 years is ten times more significant.  On c28/03/2010 (cJun 10, 2010), this date completed a 400-year test on America in the form of the Jamestown colony which was first settled on May 15, 1607 (Julian calendar). 


1611 CE seems to have started a 400-year test on England, America and the English speaking peoples in the form of the first publication of the Authorized King James version of the Scriptures on May 2, 1611, Julian calendar (about May 12, 1611, Gregory calendar; or day 30 of the 2d Scriptural month).  In 2011, day 30 of the 2d month came on cJun 1, 2011. 


1620 CE.  The religious Puritans and Pilgrims (evidently Separatists/Baptists) settled Massachusetts.  The Pilgrims sailed from England on Sep 16, 1620, Julian Calendar (just before Yom Teruah); drew up the Mayflower compact on Nov 11, 1620, Julian Calendar (about day 26 of Bul Scripturally); and commenced preparing for the settlement of the Plymouth colony on or about Dec 21, 1620, Julian Calendar (cDec 31, 1620 Gregorian calendar or about day 7 of the tenth month in the Scriptural calendar).  This completed a test period of 390 years which was the required period in Ezek 4:4-5.  It is interesting to think that this settlement may have actually started near Hanukkah and just before the tenth day of Teveth in 1620.  The date of c07/10/2010 (cDec 13, 2010) could be significant. 


1621 CE.  While the Pilgrims stayed on board the ship, they began clearing land and building buildings in Dec 1920.  But it was not until March/Aviv 1621 before the Pilgrims as a group actually left the ships to take up residence on the land and begin cultivating it for crops.  Since their voyage was off course and they did not land where they planned per their land grant, they had to send word back to London for a new grant.  They did this and British authorities issued the new grant (the Pierce Patent, dated Jun 1, 1621 per the Julian calendar).  The word on this event came back to Plymouth and reached the people there on Nov 11, 1621 (per the Julian calendar, or about the 25th day of the 8th Scriptural month). 


1623 CE.  Originally, the Plymouth ante type was socialistic with communal farming but Governor Bradford assigned land to the colonists in their own right to farm in 1623 (probably in the spring)—meaning that the 390 years of land occupation could run from 1623 to 2013.  It was also Bradford who first formally established a Thanksgiving Day holiday as the last day in November instead of choosing such a day based on the Scriptural Sukkot. 


June 1623 CE.  Captain Francis West arrived on the ship Plantation with his commission as Admiral of New England with control over fishing and the waterways which effectively placed the Plymouth colony back under some secular British government.


1734-1750 CE.  Great Religious Awakening in North American colonies.


1739-1744 CE.  The Spanish-English War (also called War of Jenkin’s Ear) which transitioned into King George’s War in Europe in 1743-1748. 


1742 CE.  James Oglethorpe led a force to defeat Spanish invaders at the Battle of Bloody Marsh at St Simons Island, Georgia to culminate Jenkin’s Ear War in North America.  This was the first military defeat of an invading force by the American Colonials.  It set the stage for the Colonials to be independent of Britain.


1756-1757 CE  The main years of the British-Colonial war with the French (ancient Moabites) and Indians was 1754 to 1780.  The middle years of 1756-1757 saw the colonies begin to exercise some independence (per French and Indian Wars in Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, p. 307, 1983 ed); which culminated in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence.  From 1757 to 1776, there is an interesting 19-year time cycle.  


1776 CE.  Declaration of Independence.


1788 CE.  The Ratification of the Constitution, the election of new leaders, and the formal  establishment of the present US government. 


1831-1832 CE  The House of Israel/Ephraim/the US spread from the east coast to the west coast with the settlement of (British controlled) Oregon starting with thinking in 1831 (the US and Britain had a joint control over the territory since 1818 but it was mainly in the hands of the British) and intensified in 1832. noted this advertisement from the Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, May 14, 1831) which may have kicked off the idea of settling Oregon which was then essentially in British hands--as follows:

There seems to be no limit to American enterprise.

“Things that were considered, a year ago, to be impracticable, or wild, are, this year, sober matters of fact.

“…We have recently seen an advertisement, issued from Boston, inviting emigrants to the number of 5,000, to go and settle on the shores of the Oregon, or Columbia River; 1,000 to go out the present year; a good code of laws is annexed; and everything about the scheme looks well on paper. There is no limit to American enterprise.” 


1834.  The actual start of American settlement of Oregon Territory (Oregon Historical Quarterly, Mar 1928).  Wyeth and Kelley each led expeditions to Oregon and Methodist missionaries Jason and Daniel Lee accompanied Wyeth to establish a mission ten miles north of present Salem (per Return to a Place called Oregon, by Roxann Gess Smith). 


Yom Kippur 1966-1967 CE or perhaps more correctly Aviv 1967 to Aviv 1968 was a Jubilee year.  The Israeli Six-Day War in Jun 1967 saw the Jews gain old Jerusalem.


Aviv 2013 CE may see Philadelphia flee to her place of safety.  This move could come that year; or perhaps it could partially involve 2012 in that the move could start in 2012 to an intermediate, safe, assembly area to allow the gathering of some persons of the very elect at that time with the final move to safety in 2013 once the body of the group is defined.  The flee of the very elect Remnant of Israel to safety is allowed in stages over some time where perhaps single individuals or small groups flee the House of Israel lands as they can. 


2013, but probably 2014 CE, may see the start of the siege on the House of Israel


2014-2015 CE may see the invasion, conquest and deportation of the surviving 10% of House of Israel people.


From 947-946 BCE to 1574-1575 CE, there are 2520 years.

From 765-764 BCE to 1756-1757 CE, there are 2520 years.

From 736-735 BCE to 690-689 BCE, there are 46 years. 

From 690-689 BCE to 1831-1832 CE, there are 2520 years.

From 554 BCE to 1967 CE, there are 2520 years.

From 503-502 BCE to 2018-2019 CE, there are 2520 years.

From 1574-1575 CE to 1831-1832 CE, there are 257 years.

From 1574 CE to 1967 CE, there are 393 years or 393 years from 1575 to 1967 by inclusive counting.

From 1574-1575 CE to 1620-1621 CE, there are 46 years.

From 1574-1575 CE to 1756-1757 CE, there are 182 years.

From 1620-1621 CE to 1756-1757 CE, there are 136 years.

From 1756-1757 CE to 2013-2014 CE, there are 257 years.

From 1620-1621 CE to 2013-2014 CE, there are 393 years.


From Nov 1620 and the Mayflower Compact to 1623 when Governor Bradford allocated land to the Pilgrims to farm on their own (instead of the socialized communistic farming of the land as followed in the first years at Plymouth), and to June 1623 when Francis West arrived as Admiral of New England (to govern fishing and the waterways), Plymouth was apparently self governing for all purposes under religious rule and with an attempt to have a religious community as had existed with the Ana-baptists and was Scripturally based for the Apostolic Assembly and the age-end very elect. 


With the arrival of West, this put the colony back under secular political rule (while West did not stay long, the people were beginning to want a secular government over the Massachusetts Bay area which was by 1623 having some more British settlement and influence).  From 1620 to 1623, Plymouth had three years of religious independence under community property.  In 1623, the government control over the land changed.  Once the people gained control of the land and became more economically independent, they became responsible and more independent for their actions and their choice of secularization instead of more Scriptural approaches. 


From 1623 CE to 2013 CE, there are 390 years. 

From 1742 CE to 1788 CE, there are 46 years.

From 1788 CE to 1834 CE, there are 46 years.

From 1831 CE to 1967 CE, there are 136 years.

From 1831-1832 CE to 2013-2914 CE, there are 182 years.


46 years plus 136 years equals 182 years.

46 years plus 5 years equals 51 years.


From 947-946 BCE to the Jubilee of 1574-1575 CE, there are 2520 years; then to the Jubilee of 1967 CE, there are 393 years; then to 2013 CE, there are 46 years. 


From 947-946 BCE to 1574-1575 CE, there are 2520 years; then to 1620-1621 CE, there are 46 years; then to 2013-2014 CE, there are 393 years. 


From 947-946 BCE to 1574-1575 CE, there are 2520 years; then to 1620-1621 CE, there are 46 years; then to 1756-1757 CE, there are 136 years; then to 2013-2014 CE, there are 257 years. 


From 947-946 BCE to 1574-1575 CE, there are 2520 years; then to 1756-1757 CE, there are 182 years; then to 2013-2014, there are 257 years.


From 947-946 BCE to 765-764 BCE, there are 182 years; then to 1756-1757 CE, there are 2520 years; then to 2013-2014 CE, there are 257 years. 


From 947 BCE to 690 BCE, there are 257 years; then to 554 BCE, there are 136 years; then to 1967 CE, there are 2520 years; then to 2013 CE, there are 46 years. 


From 947 BCE to 690 BCE, there are 257 years; then to 1831 CE, there are 2520 years; then to 1967 CE, there are 136 years; then to 2013 CE, there are 46 years.


From 1584-1585 CE (the start of the English settlement in North Carolina) to 2014-2015 CE, there are 430 years.  430 years is a special allocated time period in the OT.  The First Temple and the Second Temple till Herod’s rebuilding work both lasted 430 years. 


From 1620-1621 to 2013-2014 CE, there are 393 years.


From 2013-2015 CE to 2018-2020 CE, there are five years.


2014-2015 CE may see the end of the siege on the US with the invasion and beginning of the conquest of the US.  Once the invading army enters the US, there probably will be pockets of resistance which the invaders will have to fight and conquer before the whole country is secure. 


2015 CE may be the final end of the last vestiges of opposition in the House of Israel’s Ephraim/Samaria in the North American continent.  The start of the siege (and/or perhaps even the invasion and conquest) of the House of Israel may start in the summer of 2014 CE, perhaps in the 3d month.  The 390-day siege may end by the 17th day of the 4th month of 2015. 


By 2015 CE, the defeated people of Israel will be rounded up and held in containment areas.  The once United States will be divided as follows:  The Cubans get Florida.  The Mexicans get the Southwest US from Texas to California.  Chinese get much of the West from San Francisco north to Alaska.  The Russians get Alaska.  The Blacks get the Old South.  Much of the rest of the US will be covered with nuclear radiation making it unsafe to live there.  Most of this will probably take place by the summer of 2015. 


The 10% surviving Israelites will now be sold to world powers as slaves for the debts run up by the US and Britain and still owed foreigners in China, Japan, Russia, the EU, the Middle East Muslim states, etc.  The summer of 2015 may see the Israelite survivors shipped off into slavery around the world.  The summer of 2014 or 2015 should see the end of American/Ephraim independence in North America and the enslavement and deportation of its people to slavery around the world. 


2018-2019 CE may be the ultimate end of the Babylonian social and economic system in play since 503-502 BCE when the physical nation of Babylon fell to the Medes.  But this end could come in the fall of 2016 with the return of YESHUA when some part of Babylon ends.


Some More Great Prophetic Dates


Many of the great prophetic dates have significance when properly understood.  Numbers like 6 (the number of man), 7, 40, 49, 360, 390, 400, 430, 1150, 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300, 2520 (seven times one time of 360), etc mean something.  By using the chronology outlined in chapters 233-234 of volume 15 of Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment on the Good News People and these prophetic numbers, some fantastic revelations develop in terms of time. 


For instance, Babylon, under Belshazzar, fell to Darius (the Mede) and the Medes and Persians sometime around 500 BCE (possibly as early as 503-502 BCE)--after seeing mene, mene, tekel, upharsin (Dan 5:25).  This reference of doom on Babylon interestingly adds up to 2,520 gerahs. 


Each shekel (tekel) is twenty gerahs (Ex 30:13; Num 3:47).  One thousand gerahs equal a mene and 500 gerahs equal an upharsin or peres (“The United States and British Empire Foretold in the Bible,” p. 74).   Thus, the sum total of gerahs in mene, mene, tekel, upharsin is 2,520. 


From 503-491 BCE to 2018-2030 CE, there are 2,520 years which can be relevant for several reasons.  For example, the years 2025-2030 CE may be significant in terms of Yehoyakhin’s 25th year, which could have relevance in Daniel’s 2520-year set offs and Ezekiel's 7 Years.  Even 2018-2019/2019-2020 could have some relevance, which could have relevance--See Daniel's 2520-Year Set Offs and Ezekiel's 7 Years. 


Also, after YESHUA comes, the world does not immediately accept Him and His rule.  Some years may be needed to bring the nations (like Egypt) into strict obedience with His government and law from Jerusalem and to get rid of the Babylonian sun worship practices--perhaps in 2018-2019 or even as late as 2019-2020.  Possibly, 2019-2020 CE will see the final end of the Babylonian sun worship system as well as the final military attack on YESHUA in Jerusalem (the Gog-Magog attack). 


Yet, the Egyptian problem lasts 40 years.  The 40 years punishment on Egypt (Ezek 29:1, 9-16; Zech 14:17-19) apparently may end by 2045 or soon thereafter (the start of the 1,000 years), thus suggesting that it could start as early as 2005. 


From the fall of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (c554 BCE) to the conquest of Jerusalem by the Jews in the Six Day war (1967), 2,520 years passed.  The 40 years test on the Jews/Yehudah in Jerusalem may have started in 1967 (to end in 2007). 


Another possible starting date for this 40 years is 1973, which dated the last Jewish-Arab war (fulfilling the prophetic aspects of the earlier fall of Yehudah).  Thus, this 40-year trial on Jerusalem should end in 2013, by progressive counting, from 1973. 


More Interesting Dates


The Egyptian invasion of Yehudah by Shishak occurred in Rechavam’s fifth year after the division of the kingdom (I Kg 14:25-26).  Probably, Rechavam’s fourth year saw the termination of the three year grace period that YHWH allowed Yehudah (II Chron 11:17; 12:2). 


Yehudah’s accountable sin perhaps started that year and lasted some 390 years until the kingdom ended (totaling about 393 years by progressive counting from the actual division of the kingdom which likely occurred in Shlomo’s last year or Jeroboam’s first year). 


From Shishak’s invasion and conquest of Yehudah (c942 BCE) to c1999, some 2,940 years or 60 Jubilees passed. 


From James I and his unification of the divided kingdom and his decision to authorize the KJV at the Hampton Court Conference (1604) to 2004, there are 400 years.  From the actual start of translating work on the KJV (1607) and the start of settlement of Jamestown (1607) to 2007, another 400 years occurs.  From De La Warr’s arrival at Jamestown and the revival of the colony until 2010, another 400 years pass. 


From Yisrael’s entrance into the promise land (c1424 BCE) to c2007, there are 3,430 years or 70 Jubilees. 


The 70th Jubilee occurs in 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 (paralleling the first division of the land under Yehoshua after entering the land).  Since Yisrael entered the promised land in the 41st year of the Jubilee, it suggests that Yehoshua fought a war of seven or so years with the inhabitants in Canaan. 


While a similar seven years’ war may not occur in the age end and the restoration work of YESHUA, there is evidence from I and II Maccabees that YESHUA will fight at least a three or a three and one half years war with the people who attack Him and the election in Jerusalem after He returns.  This means that the return may happen by the next Jubilee. 


The Muslim Sites


The rebuilding of the Temple has been mentioned elsewhere in studies at this website.  If it should develop that the Third Temple goes up where the present Dome of the Spirits sets, then there are some very relevant dates to consider. 


Possibly, from the set up or recognition of the site which would later become the Dome of the Spirits on the Temple Mount (c863 CE) to c2013 CE, there are 1,150 years (with 2,300 mornings and evenings) or 1/2 of 2,300 (Dan 8:11-14).  The current, actual Dome of the Spirits edifice was apparently built as late as the 16th century (“The Coming Last Days Temple,” p. 343). 


However, the place was possibly recognized as an Islamic religious site much earlier since it must have been known for ages as having religious importance.  In “The Coming Last Days Temple” (p. 343), Dr Randall Price notes that Arabic edifices and facilities have often preserved original place names of sites.  Thus, the modern Dome of the Spirits or Dome of the Tablets could link to an earlier conception about the site. 


Since the present Dome of the Rock (to the South) actually arose and was constructed in phases over the years 638 to 715 CE by the Arabs (“The Coming Last Days Temple,” p. 170-171), there is a great likelihood that the Northern area of the spirits or tablets also must have had some significance (after all, it too had a large outcropping of bedrock). 


It may have been cleared at an early time and even had a previous structure over it before the present dome was built in later years.  Based simply on the numbers, this site must have had some early relevance after the Dome of the Rock was completed.  To take a wild guess, this writer would opt for something about this site perhaps around the year 863 CE (again, based upon the numbers). 


The 863 date is approximate as it is difficult to pin the date down precisely.  The year 2013 may see the clearing of the Temple site and the building of an altar and the commencement of the daily sacrifice--which would allow an elapse of 1,150 years from just after 863 CE.  A 1,150-year time factor could be pertinent in terms of Daniel 8:11-14.  This writer is not prepared to ignore it at this time. 


For sure, 1,290 years (which could cover the years of the Abomination of Desolation) seem to run from 715 CE (the final year for the construction of the Dome of the Rock) to 2005.  This is a very intriguing count! 


More Dates


From the fall of the House of Yisrael to the Assyrians, in successive stages (from about 742-682 BCE), until the restoration of the House of Yisrael (in national and world dominating senses), in successive stages (from about 1779 to 1839 CE), there are 2,520 years. 


As briefly noted above, from the fall of Jerusalem (and the end of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem) in 554 BCE to the conquest of Jerusalem and the re-assertion of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem on Jun 7, 1967, there are 2,520 years. 


From the rise of Grecian supremacy in world affairs, the defeat of the Persian army at the Granicus River, and the imposition of the Greek culture upon civilized man in c334 BCE to 1967, there are 2,300 years. 


From the conquest and imposition of Jewish sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem, and the beginning of Jewish religious worship on the Temple Mount on Jun 7, 1967, until about Sep 23, 1973, and the termination of Jewish religious worship on the Temple Mount, some 2,300 days pass (per “The Coming Last Days Temple” [p. 604], the last Jewish religious worship occurred on Aug 8, 1973.  By the Yom Kippur war in Oct 1973, Jewish religious access to the Temple Mount was successfully terminated by the Arabs, in conjunction with Israeli authorities). 


From the Greek conquest of Palestine by Ptolemy and the resulting attempted imposition of the Greek sun worship culture and religion upon the Jews (c301/291 BCE) to the year 2000/2010 CE, 2,300 mornings-evenings pass (Dan 8:11-14). 


From the birth of Seth (c3883 BCE) to c1998, there were 5,880 years or 120 Jubilees (Gen 6:3 allocates 120 periods/yoms/yomim--which can mean Jubilees). 


From the end of the flood (c2356 BCE) to c2006, there are 4361 years or 89 Jubilees. 


From the fall of Samaria (c690 BCE) to c2006, there are 2695 years or 55 Jubilees.


From the birth of YESHUA (c5 BCE) to c2005, there are 2009 years or 41 Jubilees. 


From Nimrod’s sin and the establishment of Babel sun worship in the post flood era (c2237 BCE) to Yarovam’s formal establishment of sun worship in the House of Yisrael (c947-946 BCE), there was 1,290 years.  From Yarovam’s sin to Constantine’s effective marriage of church and state and the start of the ante-typical great tribulation (c314-315 CE), there was 1,260 years.  


Constantine’s sin to the end of the great tribulation in Britain saw 1,260 years pass (perhaps ending around 1575 CE, a Jubilee year).  This marked the last major arrest and persecution of Anabaptists.  It happened that year on Mar 4, 1574 (old style) or 1575 (new style--after 1752, when Britain adopted Pope Gregory’s calendar changes).  The total from Yarovam’s sin to the end of the British tribulation was 2,520 years. 


From the start of religious liberty and the real Protestant Reformation in Britain in 1575 CE to 2005 CE, there are 430 years.  Is it possible that the year 2005 held some significance in the age end? 


In the Book, 430 years is a significant period of blessing.  The First Temple stood 430 years.  Ezra’s Temple stood 430 years to the start of Herod’s rebuilding efforts (in c20 BCE).  The time from Avraham’s test and offer of Yitzhak (c1894 BCE, per Gen 22:1-17; Acts 3:25; Gal 3:8-17) to the Exodus (c1464 BCE) was 430 years. 


From Yarovam’s sin and the division of Yisrael (c947-946 BCE) to Constantine’s de facto marriage of church and state (c314-315 CE)--1,260 years passed.  From Constantine’s sin to King James I of Britain and his unification of the divided kingdom (c1604-1605)--1,290 years occurred.  From James I to Oliver Cromwell and the receipt of real freedom of religion in Britain (c1649-1650)--45 years passed (totaling 1,335 years from Constantine’s sin). 


From the time when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg, Germany Catholic Church with the start of the Protestant Reformation (Oct 1517) to 2007, there are 490 years. 


YESHUA reaches His goal in the third day (Lu 13:32); YHWH revives Yisrael on the third day (Hos 6:1-2); YESHUA stayed with the Samaritans two days before resuming His ministry in Galilee on the third day (Jo 4:40-43); YHWH gave bread for two days (Ex 16:29; Jo 6:48, 50); Yisrael was consecrated for two days before YHWH came down on the third day (Ex 19:10-11); and the marriage supper happened on the third day (Jo 2:1).  Since one day is 1,000 years to YHWH (II Pet 3:8), could it be that this third day period, just outlined, dates from the birth of YESHUA in c5 BCE or his first Jubilee Passover (at reaching his 12th year in c7 CE)?  Could the third day in this period start around 1996 to 2020? 


The Mar-Apr 2001 “Prophecy Flash” (p. 49) quoted Rav Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute.  He notes that the year 2000 was 1,930 years from the destruction of the Temple (in 70 CE).  Add that 1930 to the 70 years of the Babylonian exile and one comes to 2,000 years without the Temple/Daily Sacrifice.  These 2,000 years are two days.  Thus, will The ELOHIM revive us and raise us up in the third day (Hos 6:2)? 


A 390-day test on the American people happened from Jan 20, 1998, to Feb 13, 1999, when the people were given a chance to begin to clean up their act by cleaning up the US White House over the Clinton-Lewinsky sodomy scandal.  The people consistently chose to support lying, cheating, dishonesty, immorality, etc.  Judgment is now ready to strike.  Is it possible that this 390 days phenomenon will have relevance in the age-end?  Is it possible that co-presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton will come back into power over America in 2013 or later by election, deaths of Obama and Biden and/or the work of a new Constitutional Convention?  These are tyrannical and evil people.  If they return to power, it will be catastrophic for America.    


While the above outline offers the better Scriptural evidence, there are also some other events linked to important prophetic numbers.  For example, the world’s population hit the six billion level in 1999 (Feb 5, 1999, “Spokesman-Review,” p. A3).  Is 6 billion a significant number? 


FDR launched his New Deal of liberalism, Socialism, humanism and outcome based education in 1933-1934.  After 66 years of this evil, the nation is ready for judgment in 1999-2000.  Is 66 a unique number? 


From the start of WWII (1939) to 1999, there was 60 years (10 x 6, the number of man).  From America’s entrance into that war (1941) to 2001, 60 years pass.  Is 60 significant?  Well, the so-called War on Terrorism was launched by Bush in 2001 based on the so-called terrorist attack of 9-11-2001.



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